Hasselblad H3d tips

May 16, 2014


<Sanjio.com accepts no liability for any of the suggestions or tips posted on this site . You try this at your own risk.> 7.2v battery reset for h3d http://www.hasselbladdigitalforum.com/index.php?topic=101.0 Thanks to NickT and David Grover for posting this tip on www.hasselbladdigitalforum.com which is a great destination for all kinds of info. If your 7.2 volt […]

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Meat shavings

May 19, 2010


Have you ever shaved your head with a piece of bacon? Its not that effective…bacon is too floppy. Over the years scientists have experimented with crispy bacon after it was noticed tit had┬áless┬álateral flex thanks to a combination of increased muscle fibre density, and reduced water. But still, even with a variety of shaving foams […]

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