Meat shavings

Posted on May 19, 2010


Have you ever shaved your head with a piece of bacon? Its not that effective…bacon is too floppy. Over the years scientists have experimented with crispy bacon after it was noticed tit had less lateral flex thanks to a combination of increased muscle fibre density, and reduced water. But still, even with a variety of shaving foams and gels, attempts to cut even fine stubble were met with limited sucess. Scientists are now wondering if something more rugged, like a grilled lamb chop, might be more effective. Several commentators have forewarned that what’s really needed is not simply something that is rugged, but something that is both rugged and thin, so as to have a sharp edge of at least 30 degrees from the direction of the base of the material being used. The question is, should research funds continue to be invested in this direction, or is it worth now trying a stick of of celery?

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