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Posted on May 16, 2014


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7.2v battery reset for h3d

Thanks to NickT and David Grover for posting this tip on www.hasselbladdigitalforum.com which is a great destination for all kinds of info.

If your 7.2 volt batteries isnt holding its charge, …

Charge the battery fully overnight.
Then grab the H body with no battery on it, take off the viewfinder and lens.  press and hold the “menu” and “flash” buttons, and while holding them down push the battery up onto the handgrip. You should then here a rapid series of beeps indicating the PMU on the battery has been reset. Now put the battery back on charge (preferably overnight) and it should improve performance.

On a side note new batteries will have a low initial capacity, cycle them through charge discharge (on the camera) a few times to get full capacity.

If that doesn’t work “meshuggener” seems to have found cleaning contacts with ethanol and trying again. “Pchong” had some success after cleaning contacts with methalated spirit.


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